Shine on me

The sun is shining
I take a deep breath in
And then out
I savor this moment
I am alive
I feel fine
I am strong
confident I will stay
Taking a leap of faith
No pressure
No worries
Just the present

undisclosed desires

There is this longing in your eyes
you trip and fall
a wish unfulfilled
a desire that wants to scream out
fascination that is running wild
like a strawberry on whipped cream
a closed book that is waiting to be opened

A Tranquil Heart

I allow my soul to rest
To go into silence
To be in peace with myself
Just let go
I want this sensation to last
I surrender to tranquility
Calming breaths
Just like a satisfied ocean
A comfortable tree
A deep serene sleep
A cup of tea
An easygoing heart

books i have read

1 my bestfriend died by alan gelb

2 the wind blows backward by mary downing hann

3 taking terri mueller by norma fox mazer

4 perdita by isabelle holland

5 one more rodeo by lynnette kent
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Hope is like a drug

It's a physical and a psychological feeling
this inspiration
its called hope
it's like a drug
as you feel the endorphins kick in
rush enter your veins
then there are withdrawals
as you feel the feeling disappear

Relaxing Melodies


a needful object to love oneself,
a resourceful instrument
in forgetting about depression and war.
Who needs war?
Who doesn't need piano?

The fingers softly rose on the piano
needing to play
wanting to hear the rhythms, the beats.

Aching to be in the moment
of the music,
to forget about the cold world.
Cords, scales
Breathe in, breathe out
Meditate, relax.
The need to keep playing,
to be lost in the sound of music.

Fingers dancing on the keyboard,
feeling every note
each note transports a different tone to the ear
(sharp, soft)
different feelings of happiness
(excitement, laughter)
different sounds of belongingness
(safety, calm).

Every song
bringing a different memory to the pianist
it doesn't matter
how many times
the song is played.

Chocolate Lover

No allergies
pick any
or all of the above.

White chocolate
milk chocolate
dark chocolate
sweet dark chocolate
semi-sweet chocolate
bittersweet chocolate
unsweetened chocolate

A natural food booster
satisfies cravings
increases endorphins
orgasmic, happiness.


II.Speedy, yet endless power
III.Ripping my great heart
IV.Harsh pain living everywhere
V.Never stops pursuing her

Living the Good Life in Prison?

I live in a dark place,
In a four by four room
White walls
Trapped in bars.
The dargest place that a man
Will find himself in,
But I get treated pretty well
For what I have done.

Everybody knows me here
But I don't know myself.
I don't have any freedom
No rights
I deserve it.
I'm an animal;
I have killed my wife Nicole
The one woman I lived for.
I am too embarassed of my kids to see me here
To know what I have done.
They will hate me;
I have killed their only mother.

But she made me do it
I really didn't kill her.